More from the Steamer Chest – with video this time

I thought my grandfather’s steamer trunk was empty – there was just a bunch of folded blankets and sheets in the bottom, anyway – but with everything going on I decided to look again, to see if there was anything else in there.  I still think this has something to do with the stuff I got from Grandpa Joseph, and after tonight I’m even more sure.

Once I realized that there was more than just blankets, I called Wendy to bring the video camera down and record it, not having any idea what I’d find.  Grandpa, I have no idea what you were into, or what you’ve gotten me into…

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I got lost in the grocery store

I feel stupid posting this, but I went to Stop & Shop today to pick up a few things – the same Providence Stop & Shop I go to probably once a week?  I walked in and just kind of froze – I can’t explain it, but it was like I didn’t remember the place, or I remembered it differently than it was set up?  Like I said, it’s hard to explain.

I walked around the store in kind of a fog, still somehow not sure where I was, just grabbing apples and bread and almond milk and barely seeing the people or the store around me.  By the time I made it to the register things had normalized, but with everything else going on I just feel like I’m going crazy.  I”m starting to feel really worried.

I think it looked at me.

My hands are shaking a bit on this one – I’m still not sure what I saw.  I mean, I know what I saw – it was a shadow, in broad daylight, and it stopped and looked at me.  I was walking down Hope Street, a simple lunchtime stroll to clear my head, and I heard that hum.  I tried to ignore it, I really did – I just looked down at my feet and kept walking.  I FELT it though… I can’t explain it, but I felt it.  I didn’t want to, but I looked up, staring across the sunlit street,  and there it was.  It was looking at me – I can’t say I saw a face or any features, but I just knew it was looking at me.  It wasn’t moving, it just stood there, so I grabbed my phone and took a picture.  I’m not even going to circle this one, I’m posting this straight out of my phone – it’s just standing right there, looking at me.

Hope Street, Providence.

Hope Street, Providence.



Another image captured

I was taking a morning walk through my East Providence neighborhood when I heard that hum again, that strange, unsettling sound that I more feel than ‘hear’. I looked around and saw not an orb this time but a kind of figure– something that appeared to have a shape closer to human, but still not quite. It was transparent and moved oddly, seeming to both glide and what would you call it – stalk? A low, slow, deliberate movement through some brush and into a ruined old garage mostly consumed by trees and decay.


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This wasn’t supposed to be a dream journal

I barely slept at all last night, and it’s not the first time since this all started, so I guess I should talk about it here.

I’ve always slept very soundly, before this – my wife has said I could sleep through a dump truck crashing into the house. Lately, though, it’s as if I barely sleep an hour un-interrupted, and the creak of a floorboard out in the hallway can wake me. The dreams, or fragments of dreams that I remember upon being startled awake are… unsettling. I don’t remember much detail, and I don’t want to turn this into a dream journal, but I know that the dreams cause me a mental discomfort that I’ve never experienced before. It isn’t a typical ‘nightmare’ feeling, where your mind plays through a terrifying scene but then, upon waking, the fear evaporates as the rational mind takes over; I’ve had that kind of dream many times, and I’ve never given them a second thought. No, when I awake from these dreams and return to the waking world my unease seems to grow, with dark, swirling fragments of whatever nightmare world I’m leaving still clinging on and seeming to cloud my vision.
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Another ‘orb’ picture

I’ve seen a few things since the last picture – shadows that don’t belong, movement where nothing is moving, things like that, but it’s usually too quick for me to get my camera out.  Today I saw… something?  It was just floating there in the side yard of a house down the street, and it was just kind of floating there.  I heard the hum before I saw it, and I must have watched it for a solid two minutes before I remembered my phone and snapped a picture.

Orb by hedge

Orb by hedge

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An Antique Book

I’ve been digging through my grandfather’s steamer trunk more – it’s mostly World War 2 memorabilia, a ton of old newspaper clippings, a nice wedding photo of him and my grandmother, who passed away when I was eight, and some great pictures of my dad.  There are five old 8mm movies, too – they aren’t labeled but I assume they’re old family movies; I’ll see if I can get them transferred to DVD somehow.

There is also a very old looking book, small, but looking really really old.  I have no idea what it is or what it says, it’s not in any language that I recognize – not that I recognize a lot of languages, but I know it’s not Japanese, or French, or Spanish.  And probably not German, either.  This is going to sound completely stupid, because it’s just an old book and I can’t even read it, but it gives me the creeps.  Seriously.   Continue reading