I need to start writing this down

Where to start?  Work, let’s start there,  Today at work, I think I saw a ghost.

No, that doesn’t sound right, it sounds crazy.  And it didn’t start today, it started about a month ago.  I’ll get to that.  I did see something though, something that I know was there, and today, I got a picture of it.  Sort of.  Well, here’s the picture, and I’ll try to explain.

Orb near work

Orb near work

I know, it looks like a smudge on the lens, right?  Just to the left of the image.  Or maybe a raindrop or pollen or something else totally mundane.  But it wasn’t – it was there, I could see it, and I could ‘feel’ it.  It didn’t look like that to my eyes – not exactly.  It had more depth and more definition that my stupid iPhone camera didn’t pick up.  It moved, too – slowly, but with purpose, if that makes any sense.  And there was a sound?  This part is hard to explain, but it’s like you think you hear something, like a hum, but you’re not hearing it with your ears?  Yeah, just typing that sounds even crazier.  Crap.

So I’ve been seeing things like this (Or at least imagining I’m seeing things like this) and just need to write it down, start putting it together, like gathering evidence.  Maybe I’ll be able to call in those ghost hunter guys from Syfy.

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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