I think it all started a month ago

The first time I know I saw something was July 20th.  It was a Saturday, and it was hot, and I was mowing the lawn.  I saw someone – well, I thought it was someone – walk across the driveway.  But as I looked again, I just saw the thing walking right through the hedge.  It was just a shadow, like a five foot tall shadow, that walked across the driveway in broad daylight.  I went in the house and lay down and put a cool cloth over my forehead; I told myself it was probably some kind of heat stroke, but I knew that it wasn’t.  I just knew that I had seen something… weird.  I don’t say ‘supernatural’ because what does that mean, really?  But it was weird, and unsettling, and I think it was just the beginning.

I think that it really started on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013, three weeks to the day since my grandfather Joseph passed away.  He was over eighty, and had been ill for over a year, and finally passed away in his sleep.  I felt sad, obviously; I had been as close as you can be to your octogenarian patriarch, I suppose, but I didn’t feel any deep sorrow over his death.  My parents weren’t overly distraught, either – he had been ill for over a year, as I said, and it was more or less expected, so everyone had time to make peace with it, once he passed.   Continue reading