An Antique Book

I’ve been digging through my grandfather’s steamer trunk more – it’s mostly World War 2 memorabilia, a ton of old newspaper clippings, a nice wedding photo of him and my grandmother, who passed away when I was eight, and some great pictures of my dad.  There are five old 8mm movies, too – they aren’t labeled but I assume they’re old family movies; I’ll see if I can get them transferred to DVD somehow.

There is also a very old looking book, small, but looking really really old.  I have no idea what it is or what it says, it’s not in any language that I recognize – not that I recognize a lot of languages, but I know it’s not Japanese, or French, or Spanish.  And probably not German, either.  This is going to sound completely stupid, because it’s just an old book and I can’t even read it, but it gives me the creeps.  Seriously.  

Sorry for the lousy quality of the inside of the book – I keep trying to get a good clear picture so maybe someone can tell me what the heck is in there, but my stupid iPhone camera just won’t focus, so that’s the best I can do.  I really want to figure out what it says, or at least know how old it is.  I can’t even find a date anywhere – at least nothing I recognize as a date.

There’s a lot of other stuff in the old steamer trunk, I’m still going through it, but considering everything that’s been going on and the eerie feeling I get from this book, I just wanted to post it.

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