Another image captured

I was taking a morning walk through my East Providence neighborhood when I heard that hum again, that strange, unsettling sound that I more feel than ‘hear’. I looked around and saw not an orb this time but a kind of figure– something that appeared to have a shape closer to human, but still not quite. It was transparent and moved oddly, seeming to both glide and what would you call it – stalk? A low, slow, deliberate movement through some brush and into a ruined old garage mostly consumed by trees and decay.


Fortunately it moved slowly and I had my phone in-hand (OK, I was checking Facebook) so I was able to snap a picture. I didn’t think I caught anything at first, as I was looking for the typical ‘orbs’ I have been capturing, but this time I caught something with more shape – you can see the face and a shoulder and a hand. Again, it’s not really what I saw with the naked eye, but the image is more than I’ve caught so far, and when I saw it, I felt a chill. I’ve circled it in the photo, and to my eyes it’s very clear.

So does this mean things are appearing more clearly to me for some reason? Or that I just happened across something that had more shape and form than the others I’ve seen previous?

God I hope I’m not going crazy.

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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