More from the Steamer Chest – with video this time

I thought my grandfather’s steamer trunk was empty – there was just a bunch of folded blankets and sheets in the bottom, anyway – but with everything going on I decided to look again, to see if there was anything else in there.  I still think this has something to do with the stuff I got from Grandpa Joseph, and after tonight I’m even more sure.

Once I realized that there was more than just blankets, I called Wendy to bring the video camera down and record it, not having any idea what I’d find.  Grandpa, I have no idea what you were into, or what you’ve gotten me into…

So as you can see, there’s some kind of weird, old curved sword, a medical box with wooden stakes and weird bottles in it, and some kind of display case labeled ‘Miskatonic University’ with these old torn pages and some weird piece of stone in it.  As soon as I pulled that out, though, something crashed on the other side of the basement – I have no idea what, but it scared the crap out of both of us and yes, we kind of ran out of the basement.

Once I calm down I’m going to take some detailed pictures and I’ll post those here soon.  There were more old papers that were wrapped in the blankets too – I’ll go through those later, maybe there will be something in there.

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2 thoughts on “More from the Steamer Chest – with video this time

  1. […] finally worked up the courage to head back down to the basement and take some detailed pictures of what we found in the bottom of the steamer trunk.  I couldn’t figure out what made that loud noise, though – it doesn’t look like […]

  2. […] the words are right there on that bizarre, antique parchment that we found in my grandfather’s steamer trunk, part of the Miskatonic University display case that I’m pretty sure my grandfather stole. […]

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