More than dreams…

I know I can’t get back to sleep tonight, so I might as well post here.  I think Wendy is starting to believe me, or at least believe that things are not what they seem, especially after the tonight’s events –  though it’s obvious she is is still highly skeptical.

It started with the dreams – they are almost every night now, and they growing more intense, more detailed.  Tonight was the soldier, with his face still in shadow and that hideous, writhing tentacle for an arm.  Tonight I remember a terrible rhythmic screaming sound too – not a moaning or chanting, but a genuine, horrifying screaming that I hesitate to recall in any detail.  It made my skin crawl and I could feel a deep fear churning in my stomach.  I felt sick to my stomach, like I was going to thrown up – even in the dream.  I truly did not know that could happen…

Though the dreams were really bad tonight, that wasn’t what woke me.  Instead, just after 2 am, the heavy, 100+ year old solid wooden door to our bedroom slammed shut hard enough to knock a few items over on the nearby dresser.  I shot upright in bed, disturbing dream images still filling my mind, and saw a twisted shadow image writhe across the room, from door to window, and then it was gone.

Wendy woke up too, obviously, and I think she saw the shadow as well  She wouldn’t admit it, but I saw her do a double-take, looking in the same direction as the shadow as it moved across the room.  She had no idea what to make of the situation and is insisting that the door was slammed by some kind of freak breeze, nothing more.  I saw a look from her though… I think she’s becoming less certain of her rational explanations.  I know it’s hard to start believing there’s something else out there, something bizarre and terrifying – I’ve been ther

A Strange Email, and I’m apparently in danger – Not sure if this is good or bad. Probably bad.

This blog may be helping, I’m not sure.  I received an email today from someone I don’t know, and the return address seems to be fake – I tried to respond and got the typical ‘address does not exist’ kind of error.  He told me that it wasn’t safe to reply, I guess he took steps to make sure I listened.  Great.

A strange email

A strange email

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Not just dreams now, there’s more to them…

I’ve had more dreams – some nights they don’t wake me up, and other nights I wake up sweating and shaking.  Last night was a bad one, with that cursed portal, humming and shrieking and filling my head with fear and a deep horror.  There was something beyond it, on the other side of the portal, but I can’t be sure.. I don’t think I want to look at it, I don’t want to know.  It just sits there, hovering over that blasted, damned landscape, and I just feel terror.  I thought that was the extent of it  – I thought it was a nightmare scene, a hellish dreamscape.  Nothing like that could ever exist in the real world, right?

No Man's Land, WWI

No Man’s Land, WWI

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Another letter with mention of Germany and the sword

I haven’t been back to the steamer trunk since the incident the other day, but I found another letter in that envelope, another sliver of information from my great-grandfather, and I know I’m going to need to go back to the trunk soon.

This was a letter from ‘Roberts’ – apparently Kevin Roberts, one of my great-grandfather’s army buddies – talking about Arthur’s death.  It seems like my great grandfather felt there was something unusual about the death, but this Roberts character is trying to convince him that it was suicide.  I know that so many terrible, real-world things happened during the war, and lots of guys came home different, couldn’t handle it, but this letter seems off somehow.  It’s trying too hard to convince my great-grandfather that nothing strange is going on, which in itself seems strange.

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An old picture but a familiar image

I haven’t touched the steamer trunk since weird sounds the other day, but I had grabbed an envelope of old stuff to look through before that – just a stack of old documents, pictures, etc…

I started looking through them and found something weird and, to me at least, frightening.  It’s a really old picture – I’m not sure how old, but it’s definitely pre-world war II, so I’m pretty sure it’s not my great grandfather.  It’s not the people in the picture, though – it’s that familiar round shape between two of the seated gentlemen…

Gentlemen with orb?

Gentlemen with orb?

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Strange sounds coming from the steamer trunk

I was home alone and heard a weird banging noise – at first I thought it was the washing machine, but it didn’t sound right, and the washing machine wasn’t on.  I turned on the video camera and went down to investigate – though now I wish I hadn’t.

The sound was coming from inside that cursed steamer trunk – I don’t know how or even what it was, but it was coming from within the trunk itself.  I hesitated, I really did – I was just going to run back upstairs, I didn’t want anything to do with it – but I needed to know, god help me I needed to know.  Hands shaking, I opened the trunk….   Nothing.  The sound stopped and there was nothing in the trunk that could have made it – it was just sitting there, as I left it, with the sword and other artifacts.

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More pictures- shadows in the woods

I found myself wandering – I’m not even sure exactly where, I just find myself walking, or driving, somehow drawn this direction or that.  Sometimes I can ignore the pull and make my own way, but if my mind wanders, if I lack focus, my destination is never one of my own choosing…  The idea that I am not in control should terrify me, and on one level is does, but on another more academic level, I find myself growing more and more curious where I will be led.

It was on a walk like this that I heard that now chillingly familiar hum, and I stared into a wooded area – not a forest, exactly, but one of those small pockets of nature left to it’s own devices in the middle of an otherwise urban landscape.  I saw a thing – a shape, more than a shadow yet less than a man – making it’s way through the wooded space, it’s inky form standing out against the more natural shadows.  It didn’t seem to see me or change it’s direction – just some creature out for a walk of it’s own, not unlike me.

I don’t think I felt fear as I took it’s picture – there was an uneasiness, but that came from the hum, and there is another sound under it, very faint, that I’m beginning to recognize as well.  It sounds like whispering, fast and high pitched and with it’s own terrible rhythm.  I have been trying to block it out, but there is a part of me that WANTS to hear it, I think – some part of me that wants to pursue this to it’s more than likely terrible conclusion.

I think I’ll go for another walk today…