Serious thunderstorm last night

A huge thunderstorm came thought Providence last night  – I would say it woke me up out of a solid sleep, but I haven’t had a ‘solid sleep’ in weeks,

I stared out the window as the storm raged, and I swear I saw things, moving, shifting figures during the flashes of lightning.  My rational mind tells me that it was just the lightning and the storm playing tricks, of course, my sleepy mind making shapes and figures where there aren’t any.

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More detailed images from the steamer trunk discoveries

I finally worked up the courage to head back down to the basement and take some detailed pictures of what we found in the bottom of the steamer trunk.  I couldn’t figure out what made that loud noise, though – it doesn’t look like anything fell, but the basement is a mess, so who knows.  Something must have fallen, right?  Continue reading