More detailed images from the steamer trunk discoveries

I finally worked up the courage to head back down to the basement and take some detailed pictures of what we found in the bottom of the steamer trunk.  I couldn’t figure out what made that loud noise, though – it doesn’t look like anything fell, but the basement is a mess, so who knows.  Something must have fallen, right? 

The sword is of a completely unfamiliar design, and it’s clearly very old, yet still very sharp.  I think the hilt is made of bone and wrapped with some sort of braided silver wire, and the guard is  wickedly serrated in a style I’ve never seen.  I’m not in any way a sword expert, and I don’t even know where to start looking for more information on this piece.  I Googled several variations of ‘Weird old sword’ and didn’t find anything even remotely close. I may look for some local sword or antiques dealer to appraise it and see if they can figure out what it is.

The doctors case I just can’t explain.  I mean, it’s pretty obvious what it is, and that’s some sort of vampire hunters kit – but vampires, and with them ‘vampire hunting kits’ – are fictional, right?  The case also contains several glass bottles, a very old, fragile-looking page full of some bizarre text, and a wooden box I’m not sure I want to open.  What would my grandfather have been doing with this case, and what could it be, if not exactly what it looks like?

The thing that bothers me the most is that weird display case – I think it’s the one that was reported stolen in the old newspaper clipping that was wrapped in with it.  Did my grandfather steal it?  Why would my grandfather steal a display from a museum?  And what the hell is it?  The pages look really old, and the images on them are just disturbing, and there’s that weird carved stone, it looks like maybe it’s some kind of slate, but I have no idea what the symbol means.  Isn’t it really hard to carve slate?

It looks like I’ve got a lot more research to do now.

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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