I can hear them in the trees – new video evidence

Last night was another big storm, and I sat up and watched it.  I saw them out there, glimpses of shadow and movement every time the lightning flashed.  I wonder if they know we’re here, or if my glimpses are one-way?  I hope they’re one way, but I fear more and more that they are not.  I somehow get the feeling that they perceive us far more easily than we perceive them.

I went out for a walk early this morning, the air was still charged after the storm, it had an amazing feeling to it.  The air was filled with this sound of little peep frogs and late summer insects, and I was actually starting to feel relaxed.  Then I heard it again; that hum, the sound creeping in under the sounds of the street and the woods, an unwelcome interruption to my walk.

I took out my camera phone, looking for whatever it was that was making it’s presence known, for that’s what I believe the hum signifies now.  I switched to video this time, hoping to capture some movement and not just a blur or smudge on the lens.  I didn’t seem to capture any movement, but.. .

Can you hear it?  It seems to start around the 9 second mark.  Listen with headphones – I didn’t hear it until I listened in headphones.  This was posted directly from my iPhone – it gets clearer every time I listen to it.

Wendy says it’s just the sound of the insects, but she is in denial – we both experienced something in the basement the other night, but she is still clinging to her rational explanations.  I think I’m losing sight of that more and more with every passing day. I need to understand what is happening.

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

2 thoughts on “I can hear them in the trees – new video evidence

  1. […] something else – I can hear that weird whispering under the regular sound of the video, like the video I took earlier when I heard the humming noises in the trees – but I didn’t hear that hum when I was […]

  2. […] matches what happened today, but not my earlier videos where these seems to be long strings of whispered chanting.  It sounds like it’s all EVP though, and at least it’s a recognized ‘paranormal […]

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