Beware of Shadows…

I’ve been slowly going through my grandfathers’ paperwork, and you have to understand, there’s a lot of it. I’m digging through everything from 1972 tax returns to index cards with my grandmother’s apple jelly recipe. It’s tedious and time consuming and I just don’t know what the hell I’m looking for or what it would even look like. It’s frustrating, and the more mundane, ordinary documents I find, the more I feel like there’s nothing here, that I’m not going to find anything that will help me figure out what is going on. And then…

I almost threw this out – it was stuffed in between a few unimportant old papers and it’s in rough shape, I was just going to toss it, but I opened it up and the words ‘Beware of shadows’ popped into my head immediately. Beware of shadows… yeah, after the past couple weeks, that’s not comforting. Not even a little bit.

Western Union telegram to my great-grandfather, 1927.

Western Union telegram to my great-grandfather, 1927.

It’s a telegram to my great-grandfather Wifred, but I have no idea who it’s from. Apparently it’s a death notification about someone named Arthur, but then it goes on to ask about some ‘object’ and mentions shadows.

Has this been going on since my great-grandfather’s time? What did he know about it? At least I’m feeling less like I’m going crazy. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, though.

Now I know I need to go through every scrap of paper that was stuffed in that steamer trunk. This is going to take a while.

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2 thoughts on “Beware of Shadows…

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  2. […] to say it here – supernatural.  It also seems, from the older letter I found earlier and the telegram about shadows, that my great-grandfather Wilfred was also involved in something unusual.  I can’t say […]

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