The dreams are back; I drew some sketches of them

Last night was horrible…  I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t had any in a few days, or because things are getting stronger, but the dreams last night were so vivid and so unsettling, I woke up shaking and sweating.  Other things happened as well, though I hesitate to write it all down, for fear of how it will sound in the harsh light of day.

I am no artist, but I did my best to sketch out some of the images that stood out the most, to try and better understand them, or at least share them here if nothing else.

The first is the soldier – he doesn’t frighten me, exactly, but his presence bothers me, it unsettles my mind.  When he appears I somehow know that things are going to get  bad, or at least very very strange. He is always in some sort of military garb, but I can’t tell what era – he’s not modern, but not really old either.  Again, he doesn’t quite frighten me, but he makes me feel so uncomfortable and strange.

Solder from dreams

Solder from dreams

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