Video of my grandfather’s Steamer Trunk

I realized that I’ve been talking about the steamer trunk that I got from my grandfather as the likely cause of whatever is happening, and that it’s pretty much stuffed with various things, but I haven’t really shown it, so I figured I’d do a video of it, now that I see I have a few followers here.  (Wow, followers…  Wasn’t really expecting that, but hello. )

First – until these things started happening to me, I thought this steamer trunk was full of junk – it’s huge and heavy and it smells like an old trunk that’s been sitting in my grandfathers basement for half a century.  The drawers are full – I mean FULL – of documents and old pictures, newspaper clippings, stuff like that.  I was just going to toss it all until I realized there may be something in there that could help me figure out what’s going on.

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