Video of my grandfather’s Steamer Trunk

I realized that I’ve been talking about the steamer trunk that I got from my grandfather as the likely cause of whatever is happening, and that it’s pretty much stuffed with various things, but I haven’t really shown it, so I figured I’d do a video of it, now that I see I have a few followers here.  (Wow, followers…  Wasn’t really expecting that, but hello. )

First – until these things started happening to me, I thought this steamer trunk was full of junk – it’s huge and heavy and it smells like an old trunk that’s been sitting in my grandfathers basement for half a century.  The drawers are full – I mean FULL – of documents and old pictures, newspaper clippings, stuff like that.  I was just going to toss it all until I realized there may be something in there that could help me figure out what’s going on.

The top drawer was locked and I didn’t have a key, but a small screwdriver opened it easily – they didn’t really worry too much about security whenever this thing was built. I found that old book in the top drawer, as well as a big feather, a glass jar with some kind of weird-smelling granular substance, and these really old looking candlesticks.  I don’t have any idea what that’s all about  – I mean, with as many bad 80s horror movies as I’ve seen growing up, I have a lot of ideas of what it’s all about, but none of that was real, obviously, and even if it were, I can’t imagine my Grandpa Joe being involved with any of it, so for now I’ll just keep saying I have no idea what any of it is for…

The other drawers, as you can see, are full of documents, pictures, newspaper clippings, old comic strips (who’s ‘Beetle Baily??)  and things of that nature.  Part of me wants to just dump everything on the floor and start sorting through it all, but some of the documents and paperwork and photos are so old and brittle, I think I need to be more careful with them.  Also, as freaked out as I feel about it, there are still some great photos of my grandfather and some fascinating documents that make me feel a deep connection to my family history – whatever that ends up being.

I know my discomfort has to do with everything that’s going on, but I hate being down in the basement with that trunk.  I hate admitting this, but it was hard for me to go down there today, even in broad daylight, to make this video.  I almost didn’t do it, I kept making excuses, but like everything else, I feel like it needs to be documented.

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