Another piece of the puzzle – I found ‘Arthur’

Earlier I found a telegram in the steamer trunk, sent to my great-grandfather in March of 1927, letting him know that someone named Arthur was dead.  I’ve been slowly going through the stacks of documents my grandfather left me, scanning for clues, and I found the name ‘Arthur’ again! I found a really old letter addressed to my great grandfather from someone named Arthur Donahue, apparently an old army buddy, dated February 1927, a month before the telegram announcing his death.

Letter from Arthur to my great-grandfather, 1927

Letter from Arthur to my great-grandfather, 1927

The contents of the letter, if they are to be believed, are both incredible and – to me – terrifying.  I’m sorry, I don’t have a scanner – the pictures here are the best I can do, but it’s readable.  Arthur seems to be describing many of the same things I’m experiencing right now – the visions, the dreams that haunt him even while he’s awake, terrifying imagery…  It’s eerie to read these words, sent to my great grandfather nearly a century ago, and then think of the dreams I’m having, the things I’m seeing.  I have shivers thinking about it.

Where do I even begin with this letter?  I’ve read it a dozen times now and it’s still so hard to believe – my great grandfather, Germany in World War 1, a cursed book – it must be the book that was mentioned in the telegram, the one that went missing?  Could it be the black book I have?  Was Arthur killed for it?  The telegram didn’t say how he died, and now I can’t stop thinking about that…

There are other details here that are important, too; there were apparently four men there in Germany  – my great grandfather, this guy Arthur, and two other men, Roberts, and Andrew.  There was some kind of ‘shrine’, a fire, something they all took part in, and my great-grandfather apparently had some sort of artifact…  I have to say, a hundred things are running through my mind as I read this, and all of them both fascinate and horrify me.    What happened in Germany, and what does it have to do with what’s happening to me now?

This is a clue to the mystery, yes, but it’s also confirmation that I’m really experiencing something… supernatural?  Unexplained? I don’t know what to call it, but my great-grandfather may have experienced it too, as well as others.   People may have died over this.

What am I going to do?

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One thought on “Another piece of the puzzle – I found ‘Arthur’

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