New Picture – Multiple Orbs, East Side of Providence

I was walking on the East Side of Providence again today, something I like to do to clear my head (and something I’ve been doing more often lately)  when I came across two entities – I think that’s the right word, anyway – near an older brick building.  For some reason I saw them, saw the slow, deliberate movement of them, before I heard them this time.  I think I might be trying to tune that terrible humming sound out, or maybe the traffic drowned it out, I’m not sure, but I saw these two entities first, and instinctively pulled out my phone to snap the picture before they moved out of sight.

Dual orbs - East Side, Providence

Dual orbs – East Side, Providence

This is the first time I’ve seen two orbs – entities – whatever – together.  They were moving together, slowly, and definitely seemed conscious of each other, if that makes sense.  They moved around the side of the building as I watched, and the hum faded away to nothing a minute later.

As I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, a few people walked by seeming very confused about me standing there staring into space.  They didn’t seem to see anything out of the ordinary – well, nothing other than me, I guess.

I froze again when it came to taking video – I just don’t want to hear whatever those whispers are saying, I really don’t.  Seeing these things is frightening, but I just feel like there’s something dangerous about taking more video.  I don’t know why I feel that, but I just have that feeling.

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One thought on “New Picture – Multiple Orbs, East Side of Providence

  1. […] a discolored old image.  I know better though – if you compare this smudge with some of the pictures I’ve taken recently with my phone, it’s the same – a floating orb with some smoky coloration and transparency. […]

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