More pictures- shadows in the woods

I found myself wandering – I’m not even sure exactly where, I just find myself walking, or driving, somehow drawn this direction or that.  Sometimes I can ignore the pull and make my own way, but if my mind wanders, if I lack focus, my destination is never one of my own choosing…  The idea that I am not in control should terrify me, and on one level is does, but on another more academic level, I find myself growing more and more curious where I will be led.

It was on a walk like this that I heard that now chillingly familiar hum, and I stared into a wooded area – not a forest, exactly, but one of those small pockets of nature left to it’s own devices in the middle of an otherwise urban landscape.  I saw a thing – a shape, more than a shadow yet less than a man – making it’s way through the wooded space, it’s inky form standing out against the more natural shadows.  It didn’t seem to see me or change it’s direction – just some creature out for a walk of it’s own, not unlike me.

I don’t think I felt fear as I took it’s picture – there was an uneasiness, but that came from the hum, and there is another sound under it, very faint, that I’m beginning to recognize as well.  It sounds like whispering, fast and high pitched and with it’s own terrible rhythm.  I have been trying to block it out, but there is a part of me that WANTS to hear it, I think – some part of me that wants to pursue this to it’s more than likely terrible conclusion.

I think I’ll go for another walk today…