An old picture but a familiar image

I haven’t touched the steamer trunk since weird sounds the other day, but I had grabbed an envelope of old stuff to look through before that – just a stack of old documents, pictures, etc…

I started looking through them and found something weird and, to me at least, frightening.  It’s a really old picture – I’m not sure how old, but it’s definitely pre-world war II, so I’m pretty sure it’s not my great grandfather.  It’s not the people in the picture, though – it’s that familiar round shape between two of the seated gentlemen…

Gentlemen with orb?

Gentlemen with orb?

To most people, it probably looks like a smudge or discoloration on an old picture – a drop of water, something like that – and If I had seen it six weeks ago I would have assumed the same thing.  It’s a really old picture, over 100 years old I’m sure, and it’s not in great shape, so sure, maybe it’s just a discolored old image.  I know better though – if you compare this smudge with some of the pictures I’ve taken recently with my phone, it’s the same – a floating orb with some smoky coloration and transparency.  It’s definitely an orb of some kind.

I thought this all started with my great grandfather, but this makes it look like something similar has been going on for much, much longer.  Was this picture from my great grandfather, or was it something collected by my grandfather Joe as he was investigating this thing, whatever it is?

I need to find more answers – but I’m not even sure I know what questions I need to ask at this point.

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One thought on “An old picture but a familiar image

  1. […] friends had something happen in Germany that may have started all this, and then there was the much older image of four men I found in my grandfather’s steamer trunk, with the orb hovering near them.  It’s all […]

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