Another letter with mention of Germany and the sword

I haven’t been back to the steamer trunk since the incident the other day, but I found another letter in that envelope, another sliver of information from my great-grandfather, and I know I’m going to need to go back to the trunk soon.

This was a letter from ‘Roberts’ – apparently Kevin Roberts, one of my great-grandfather’s army buddies – talking about Arthur’s death.  It seems like my great grandfather felt there was something unusual about the death, but this Roberts character is trying to convince him that it was suicide.  I know that so many terrible, real-world things happened during the war, and lots of guys came home different, couldn’t handle it, but this letter seems off somehow.  It’s trying too hard to convince my great-grandfather that nothing strange is going on, which in itself seems strange.

The most interesting thing in this letter was the talk about my great-grandfather and his army companions taking ‘simple souvenirs’ from Germany – I have to assume they mean things like the book and the sword and who knows what else.  The scary thing is that I’m assuming I now have possession of at least two of these ‘souvenirs’, and I definitely wonder how they came to be in my possession, and what they have to do with my current situation.

Letter from Roberts, May 1927

Letter from Roberts, May 1927

Something happened to my great-grandfather and his friends during World War I, and I know whatever happened to them has something to do with the things I’m seeing and hearing and experiencing now – I just need to keep digging through the steamer trunk to find more clues.

But that means I have to go back down there, into that trunk.  Damn.

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