Grandpa Joe…

I don’t usually drink, but I’m on my second glass of bourbon.  My hands aren’t shaking so bad now, so let’s see how this goes.

I was never super close to my grandfather, to be honest – we were from very different worlds, different generations, of course.  I respected him, though.  He was truly a ‘man’s man’ – rugged, self-made, a dedicated family man.  He and my grandmother had five kids, sixteen grandkids… they had a good life, a life anyone would be proud of.  They were never rich monetarily, but they always had family, and to my grandfather, that’s what was important.

I found these pictures, going through the steam trunk drawers.  My grandfather, like many men of his generation, served in Europe in World War II.  I have no idea what he experienced there during the war –  he used to tell us kids stories about building bridges and his time in England, and time aboard a ship, but all very simple, friendly stories – nothing about combat or the terrible things he must have seen.  I know that while he was in Europe his father, my great-grandfather, died suddenly, before age 50, and that was a terrible tragedy that must have affected him deeply.  I don’t think I was aware how deeply it affected him.  I doubt anyone in the family did.

My hands are still shaking.  I found something else, with the pictures, but I’m not ready… I’m not ready to talk about it yet.  Maybe tomorrow, I don’t know.

I miss you Grandpa Joe.  I wish I had known you better.  I wish I had known you at all.

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One thought on “Grandpa Joe…

  1. […] found a stack of pictures yesterday, pictures of my grandfather during World War II – I posted about those already.  They made me feel a sense of pride, a sense of honor.  Mixed in with them, though, was […]

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