Another small piece of the puzzle – the sword

First – I’ve barely slept since… the dreams, the sleeping pill.  I’m not sure, I might have given myself insomnia, if that’s even possible.  I keep seeing glimpses, too – like forgotten fragments of memory trying to worm their way back into my consciousness. I won’t let them.  I can’t let them.  I don’t want to know.

I found another letter in the steamer trunk – this one was to my Grandpa Joe.  It’s dated November, 1959, and it’s hard to read – it’s handwritten and the writing is tiny, from a small feminine hand.

The letter is from Adelle Roberts, apparently the daughter of Kevin Roberts, my great-grandfather’s army buddy.  From what I can read, it sounds like my grandfather asked for – and received – that bizarre sword that Roberts brought back from Germany, so now at least I understand how it came to be in his possession, and subsequently, mine.

Letter to grandfather from Adelle Roberts RE: The Sword

Letter to grandfather from Adelle Roberts RE: The Sword

Reading between the lines, and knowing what I already know, I’m pretty sure Miss Roberts didn’t think too long on handing that sword over.  She didn’t even want money for it – did you read that?  To me that says she just wants to get rid of it.  I mean, if I inherited an old antique-looking sword, I would at least try to get it appraised before handing it over to a complete stranger.

There’s something else unusual, too – she said they didn’t have any pictures at all of her grandfather from the war… I find that strange, that he wouldn’t have had a single picture?  I mean, maybe cameras were still so new that getting your picture taken wasn’t readily accessible, but it just seems… odd.  I wonder what else he was keeping from them.  A lot more than they ever realized, I”ll bet.

So it’s a small piece of the puzzle, but it’s something, – it’s progress, right?  Yay progress…

I’m going to re-read the letter a few times to see if there’s anything else I might have missed.

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