Another clue in the dreams? I think so.

I still haven’t slept much since the last dreams, sometimes it’s hard to even close my eyes.  The sleeping pill was such a bad idea.  The things I saw, that terrible void, I’m seeing more glimpses, remembering smells, sensations…  I remembered something tonight, it came to me like a sickening flash.

I remembered the smell first, that horrible smell of fetid, rotting meat, and then I saw the gate, that nightmare portal with it’s mad, swirling worlds beyond it.  I recalled a new detail, though, a new part of the picture that I saw in my dreams but didn’t immediately recall.  I’ve tried to draw it as closely as I could recall.  As soon as I remembered it, I knew it was an important piece of the puzzle.

Worshippers at the Gate

Worshipers at the Gate

I have heard the screaming and chanting sounds that fill the air in that nightmare dreamscape, but other than the soldier I’ve never seen another person.  This time, in my deep, sleeping pill induced dreams, I saw four shadowy figures around the gate, kneeling before it in some kind of bizarre twisted worship.  They revered it, and they were chanting.  I still can’t understand what they are saying, but it’s somehow familiar.

The reason I believe this dream fragment is important is because there are four figures, just like there were four men in Germany during World War I – my great-grandfather, Roberts, Arthur, and Andrew.  Something happened back there in Germany, and I know that’s the key to all of this, I just have to keep searching for what that is, to understand what happened.

I know it’s probably the lack of sleep, but I’ve started to imagine things, fusing together pieces of real life and I dream, and I’m starting believe that these men found something there in Germany, something old and, supernatural.  Something evil.  A ghost or demon or something worse, I don’t know.  Something insane.  That’s what it all is.  Insane.

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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