New video, a new escalation

I slept pretty well last night, no crazy dreams, I even got to sleep in, which was nice.  Wendy is out, so I’m home alone (of course).  I was watching TV in the living room – this is broad daylight, late morning, with the autumn sun streaming in – when the kitchen cabinets just opened on their own.  I mean, I watched them open, all by themselves. Slowly, both the left and right cabinet doors opened at the same time.  There was even a low creak from the hinges. I WATCHED it happen. These are heavy oak cabinets, and they do NOT just ‘open on their own.  I grabbed my video camera to document it, because that’s just my reaction now, apparently.  Here’s what I got:

First – no, there is no strong wind in my kitchen.  No, there are no windows open.  No, we did not have an earthquake.  This just happened, and I have no idea how or why – the cabinets opened on their own, and then slammed shut, all by themselves, on camera.

After I re-watched the video, something else showed up.  If you listen at the end, at around 24 seconds, after I shout ‘What the hell is going on?’ there seems to be a whispered answer – again, you can hear it better in headphones, but it’s there.  It’s very hard to tell what it’s saying – it doesn’t sound like English – but you definitely hear something, and it may be my fevered imagination, but I think it sounds like it’s answering my question.

I have done more research and found that these strange sounds and whispers I keep hearing on videos actually have a name – E.V.P. or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  This is defined as “sounds found on electronic recordings which resemble speech, but are reportedly not the result of intentional recording or rendering.” (WIkipedia)  – sounds pretty close to what I’m experiencing, though most of the descriptions I’m seeing are about single words or short phrases.  That matches what happened today, but not my earlier videos where these seems to be long strings of whispered chanting.  It sounds like it’s all EVP though, and at least it’s a recognized ‘paranormal occurrence’. I’m not sure if that should be comforting or terrifying…  I just don’t know any more.

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

One thought on “New video, a new escalation

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