Pieces of the puzzle, but no clear picture.

I feel like I’m trying to complete a puzzle, but I don’t have the picture on the box to show me what the puzzle is supposed to look like, and I’ve got a bunch of extra pieces that don’t actually belong to the puzzle I’m making.   I can’t tell any more what documents in the steamer trunk are important or relevant to what’s happening, and which ones are just ‘fluff’, normal memorabilia from my grandfather’s life, or whatever.

I keep finding these old advertisements and magazine pages from the 1940s and 1950s, and I don’t know what they mean – part of me feels like they must have something to do with this mystery, that they are some bizarre key that unlocks some deep secret, because why else would he keep them?  The rational part of me, however, (whatever ‘rational’ part still remains after all this) is saying they’re just junk, mementos of someone else’s life that I’ll never be able to connect with or understand. Continue reading