On the trail of Yog Sothoth

Those words have been swirling around in my head for days now, ‘Yog Sothoth’ – I have no idea what they mean, but they have a terrible weight to them, so dark and loathsome that I can’t even speak them aloud;  I’ve tried now, twice, and my mouth refuses to form the syllables.  I thought the phrase was a product of my nightmares, those horrifying fever-dreams I endure so often, but now I don’t know.  Now, I think that it’s possible they informed the dreams, instead of being a product of them, because I remembered that I had seem them before…

So the words are right there on that bizarre, antique parchment that we found in my grandfather’s steamer trunk, part of the Miskatonic University display case that I’m pretty sure my grandfather stole.  The words are right there, in the center of this strange round ‘seal’, with other bizarre things written around it, like ‘Leng’, ‘Migo’, ‘Glakki’, and ‘Yith’…   Words that make no sense, but that provoke a terrible fear when I see them.

There is another image in the parchment fragments that I’m now seeing in a different light.  Maybe it’s my mind trying to connect things that are just coincidence, like apophenia, but I see four individuals approaching or asking something from a fifth figure, who appears to be a priest of some sort?  I think it’s important because of the four people together – my great-grandfather and his three friends had something happen in Germany that may have started all this, and then there was the much older image of four men I found in my grandfather’s steamer trunk, with the orb hovering near them.  It’s all around four people, four artifacts…  Even the Yog Sothoth seal has four ‘entries’ directly around the words in the center.

It has to mean something…

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

One thought on “On the trail of Yog Sothoth

  1. […] what got burned, but I assume they somehow found a way to call upon an ancient being known as ‘Yog-Sothoth’, who is also known as ‘the gate’.  I think they made some kind of deal with this being, […]

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