A new clue – but is it to the same mystery, or a totally new one?

Back in the steamer trunk, I found a very old photo – by the condition of it, as well as the people, clothing, and setting, it seems to be at least 100 years old.  There was also a scrap of paper tucked into it as well, not as old, and typed out, that seems to explain the subjects of the image:

Theodore and Marie Armstrong  of  Providence, RI, who disappeared in 1907 under ‘mysterious circumstances’.  They were apparently into the occult, and I’m assuming this note was written by by Grandpa Joe and had something to do with his investigations.

There seems to be a lot going on here –  a hundred year old picture of a couple from Providence who disappeared under ‘mysterious circumstances’, were apparently active in the occult, and were noted for owning old – and probably sinister/powerful – books.  It also notes that they were ‘known associated of N-‘; I have no idea who or what that could mean, but if it’s listed here I assume it has significance.

I don’t have any idea if this has a direct connection to my situation or Yog Sothoth, but there was something else included that may get me more answers – there was also a torn envelope, addressed to Grandpa Joe, with a clear name and return address on it.  I won’t post that here, for privacy reasons, but I’m going to send a letter tomorrow and see where it gets me.  Sure, it’s a long shot – this is probably fifty or sixty years old – but at least there’s a chance.

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2 thoughts on “A new clue – but is it to the same mystery, or a totally new one?

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