The Gate and The Key and the Terror of Knowing

I have been trying to do more research on Yog Sothoth – it’s one of the only things that continues to come up with any regularity.  When web searches were no help I was ready to give up, but Wendy suggested something that, honestly, hadn’t even crossed my mind in this digital age – the library.

The local East Providence Library wasn’t any help – not sure why I would have expected it to be for something like this – but then I came across the Providence Athenaeum, a private library that contains many… unusual tomes.  One of the librarians there helped me search through a section of older books that shared a certain metaphysical or occult subject matter.

I was there for hours and hours, pouring through subject matter that alternated between confusing me and making my blood run cold, when the librarian brought me a new book.  It was an unassuming book of moderate size, with a well worn black leather cover and pages that, while showing there excessive age, were also soft and smooth, not brittle or fragile like many of the other books and documents I have been looking at.   Continue reading