Familiar images made sinister – Yog Sothoth?

I slept terribly again last night – I don’t remember specific dreams or details, but I recall waking several times, cloaked in a shadowy dread that lingered long after I had returned to wakefulness. I was understandably lethargic throughout the morning, then, with eyes and head aching from the constant flickering bombardment of florescent lights in the cubicle shantytown that I work in, and I decided I needed a break. To try and clear my head and wake myself up a little bit, I decided to go out into the brisk November afternoon for a short walk around the East Side of Providence.

Instead of taking my normal Easterly route, I decided to head North, into a more industrialized area – there were fewer hills and I assumed it would be a shorter walk, since I didn’t have as much time as I normally do. I soon knew I had made a mistake, however, when I heard that terrible buzzing noise, rising and falling like some dark chant that only I could hear. There was a wooded embankment by the road, and I saw two figures this time, moving slowly but deliberately across the landscape. I tried to slip closer to them and they didn’t react – if they noticed me at all, they showed no indication of it in any case. I took several pictures, and then watched them continue on their way. They disappeared a little over a minute after I took these photos – just vanished completely, and thankfully that cursed humming sound went with them.

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