Familiar images made sinister – Yog Sothoth?

I slept terribly again last night – I don’t remember specific dreams or details, but I recall waking several times, cloaked in a shadowy dread that lingered long after I had returned to wakefulness. I was understandably lethargic throughout the morning, then, with eyes and head aching from the constant flickering bombardment of florescent lights in the cubicle shantytown that I work in, and I decided I needed a break. To try and clear my head and wake myself up a little bit, I decided to go out into the brisk November afternoon for a short walk around the East Side of Providence.

Instead of taking my normal Easterly route, I decided to head North, into a more industrialized area – there were fewer hills and I assumed it would be a shorter walk, since I didn’t have as much time as I normally do. I soon knew I had made a mistake, however, when I heard that terrible buzzing noise, rising and falling like some dark chant that only I could hear. There was a wooded embankment by the road, and I saw two figures this time, moving slowly but deliberately across the landscape. I tried to slip closer to them and they didn’t react – if they noticed me at all, they showed no indication of it in any case. I took several pictures, and then watched them continue on their way. They disappeared a little over a minute after I took these photos – just vanished completely, and thankfully that cursed humming sound went with them.

As I have said before – these things look different to me in the real world; the camera doesn’t capture their ‘true form’ that I see with my eyes, if such a thing exists. In seeing the images this time, though, I suddenly recalled something from my recent research that instantly filled me with a renewed terror:

“Imagination called up the shocking form of fabulous Yog-Sothoth — only a congeries of iridescent globes, yet stupendous in its malign suggestiveness”

Yog Sothoth is described as iridescent globes, so are these figures, these… things, Yog Sothoth? Are they some sign of his presence, or are they completely unrelated? Again, the more information I uncover, the closer to madness I feel…

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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