A terrifying escalation; Dreams made real

Last night was bad – the worst we’ve experienced so far. I’m not sure how much more I can take of this, and last night it affected Wendy too, and she’s still pretty shaken up. Honestly I’m still not sure of everything that happened or even how some of it happened – it was really weird, and not just the dreams. I don’t even know where to start, so I guess I just try to start at the beginning.

I went to be the normal time, around 11pm, and I felt good, actually – things have been somewhat quiet lately, and I haven’t seen anything really strange in almost a week. I don’t know if something triggered it, or it was a full moon, or whatever, but it seems like almost as soon as I fell asleep I started dreaming – really vivid, terrible dreams that filled me with dread. I could feel the hot, sulfurous wind against my face again, could feel the rocks cutting into my feet. The soldier was there, and more chanting, seeming louder than before, maybe closer, I’m not sure. I could clearly hear those dread syllables, ‘Yog Sothoth’, repeated in the chant like the tolling of some blasphemous bell. There was a new figure out there too, I think – I’m not completely sure, things are still jumbled, unclear, but I have a sense that there was something else. Not the hooded figures, either – I’m certain it wasn’t them.
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