A new email, is magic real??

I got another interesting email. It might be the same person that emailed me before, or it might be someone different – they didn’t say. They did ask me not to post the email here, and considering the content I’m going to agree to that; it’s pretty weird. It’s a fascinating read, though – once you get past the ‘this is completely insane’ parts.

Six months ago, I believed that magic and spells were figments of fantasy that remained strictly in the realm of bedtime stories and ‘Harry Potter’ movies. Today, I’m reading an email (from a complete stranger) about casting spells, and realize that I’m looking up local stores that sell things like black candles and incense. I mean, yes, I have seen ghosts and apparitions, I’ve seen things moving on their own, heard mysterious and bizarre sounds like some nightmarish chanting coming from nowhere, and I’ve woken up drawing strange symbols in blood that didn’t seem to come from anywhere – you could say my mind is a bit more open to the unexplained than I ever expected it would be. But still, this whole email is about ‘casting a protection hex’ – a spell that is supposed to help protect me and Wendy and hopefully calm some of this activity down. To my rational mind this is just crazy and impossible and almost certainly a hoax, someone messing with me. It cannot possibly be real, because spells aren’t real, ‘magic’ isn’t real. That’s what my rational mind keeps telling me.

I’m going to try it, though, because that’s where I’m at now, that’s where my head is at. After months of this bizarre activity, after being literally afraid to go to sleep, because I don’t want to face the horrific nightmares I know are coming… I’m going to try it, and if it’s a hoax, then I’ll look stupid and my basement will smell like incense. If it’s real… I can’t get my head around the thought that it’s real, but if it is, maybe I’ll get some rest. Maybe I’ll feel safe in my own home. It’s definitely worth trying, in either case.

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

One thought on “A new email, is magic real??

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