Even the weather is against me

Winter weather in Providence can be weird. It can be bitter cold one day, then almost warm the next. Or bright and sunny in the morning and then torrential downpours in the afternoon – I hate that. Today was really foggy, because of the seasonal temperature fluctuations, and the grey swirling mists and slate grey sky seem to have a life of their own. I can’t help but see sinister figures in the swirls and shifts of the fog, my sleep-deprived and terror-wrought mind insisting that every shadowy blotch or roughly circular patch is some malevolent being come to drive me into madness. I actually dropped my coffee, right outside the Dunkin Donuts, because I saw a figure in the mist that I was certain was walking towards me. I’m definitely losing it. My mind, I mean.


And speaking of topics that seem to indicate I’m losing my mind, I’ve collected almost everything I need for my ‘Protection Hex’. I haven’t even told Wendy about it, because that would be about the most awkward conversation I can imagine. I only need one more thing, and then I need to get her out of the house, and I will try it. God help me, I’m going to try to cast an actual ‘spell’ that a stranger on the internet sent me.

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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