A letter sent, and it’s time to cast a spell

I sent my reply to William Jameson, all hand-written as he requested. I was going to keep it simple and straightforward, I really was – just tell him the highlights and ask what he might know. Before I realized it, though, I had written three pages worth, talking about the steamer trunk, the dreams, the objects moving, the cabinets and basement door opening, the sounds, the figures… everything. I even gave him the address to the website – it’s weird handwriting a URL for some reason.

I almost tore it up, once I finished. I thought it would be too much, I thought it might make him not want to respond, but I have to know, so I folded it and forced it into the envelope and tossed it into the mailbox outside the bank, and now it’s done, and all there is left to do is wait.

I think tonight is the night for the spell, too. I have all the ingredients now – is that the right word, ‘ingredients’? Or maybe it’s ‘components’? I’m not sure, I’ll have to look it up. Wendy is out of the house tonight, doing a holiday thing with some friends, so it should be the perfect time to try it. I’m nervous. Part of me is sure that it won’t work, it’s just a silly hoax, but another part of me is desperate for it to work. Please, let it work, let it give me some small amount of peace.


About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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