The Spell…

Wendy went out with friends for ‘holiday stuff’ – I think lately that’s code for red wine and bookstores – but I had all the things I needed for the spell, so I finally tried it. It took a while to set the altar up properly, down in the basement of course.  There were so many details and so many strange things I needed to set up; specific candles, herbs, oils, and even a genuine fossil; that was hard to find, and that’s going to take some explaining when it shows up on the credit card statement.   Another hard thing was that I had to memorize the spell – I wasn’t supposed to have it written down for some reason, so I said it over and over again until I had it memorized.

It was weird – when I started setting up the altar I still thought it was stupid, that the email was a hoax.  I felt embarrassed that I was even attempting it.  As I was completing the setup, though, I felt a change – I don’t know if it was something mental, or a real physical change, maybe a bit of both, but by the time I was ready to start the spell itself my hands were shaking and I was sweating.

The spell itself… something happened.  I felt it, like a static electricity that covered my whole body as I started the spell and lit the candles.  I felt something, some kind of energy rising and heard an electric sounding hum that filled the air.  Things in the basement started moving around and falling off shelves as I recited those strange words, and then as I finished the spell I got cold – the temperature in the whole room dropped significantly.  The candles flickered wildly and then went out, all at the same time.  I felt dizzy and lightheaded, I don’t really remember what happened all that clearly.  The video camera was having issues, too – when I went back to review the footage, it looks like it started fuzzing out then apparently cut off.  And on the video there’s a sick sounding chanting in the background that seems to start just as the energy of the spell really spikes.  I think it’s when I invoke Hastur.

So did it work? I guess that’s the big question, and the answer is – I don’t know yet.  I’m still shaking, and I can’t even think about sleeping right now  I know something happened, something definitely happened when the spell was cast, but I’m not sure what  – I just hope I didn’t make things worse.


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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

5 thoughts on “The Spell…

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