Another email from a reader – this one is different, still terrifying

I got another email – this one was just a link to a YouTube video.  I clicked on it – after verifying the link was legitimate and not some scam site – and watched the video.  At first I was wondering why it was sent to me – it seemed to have little to do with what I’m dealing with and what I speak about in the blog here.  As I watched, though, it became clear that this wasn’t some strange conspiracy site tossing around wild theories… this was all real, and it all happened within the past few weeks, all around the world.  Combined with the recent dreams, the black abyss, the terrors of the infinite void and the things that dwell within it… this video chills me to my very soul.

I did not make it, it was sent to me via email, but I feel the need to offer some small warning – this video may make you question a great many things about what we consider the reality and the sanity of the world we live in…

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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