A VERY Mysterious Package

I got a package in the mail today, a heavy box wrapped in weathered brown paper with a return address in Bhutan, in South East Asia – I’ll admit, I had to look it up, I’d never heard of it either.  Of all the things I thought I would find in this unexpected box, a heavy, carved stone skull wasn’t anywhere on the list.


The carving is amazing – I can’t see a single scratch or tooling mark, and the detail is exquisite.  It’s about five inches tall, maybe five pounds – I have no idea what kind of stone it is, it’s a smooth mottled green and white.  There was something else very strange about it as well  – when I took it out of the package, which had been sitting out on my front porch for several hours in 35 degree temperatures, the skull was warm to the touch.  It’s stayed warm, too – it feels like it’s always a few degrees above room temperature.

The box also contained a short, typed note that is barely understandable:

awọn timole ti Aiueb Gnshal oju Laarin yeyin

Cambuluc Scrolls of the wizard Lang-Fu, 1295 AD.

Peering through the eyes of Aiueb Gnshal allows the supplicant to see straight into Azathoth’s court.


And that’s it.  I get a package from a country I’ve never heard of, with a stone skull that stays warm to the touch, and a bizarre note…  Does this mean the skull was carved in 1295?  I have no idea how to even tell…

Because things can’t possibly get any weirder.  So what the hell do I do with this thing?

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One thought on “A VERY Mysterious Package

  1. […] been trying to figure out something – anything – about this strange skull I received in the mail, the package postmarked from Bhutan in S.E. Asia.  As I said initially, the skull […]

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