A scientific experiment with the mysterious Bhutan skull

I’ve been trying to figure out something – anything – about this strange skull I received in the mail, the package postmarked from Bhutan in S.E. Asia.  As I said initially, the skull seemed to be warm to the touch, above ambient or room temperature, even after being outside on the porch in near-freezing weather.  I wanted to try to measure that as ‘scientifically’  as possible (disclaimer, I am not a scientist, the closest I come to ‘science’ is watching MythBusters)  and I found a way to do it – I went to Home Depot and bought an infra-red thermometer, one that instantly reads the temperature of whatever you point it at.  It works well too, as you can see.  I measured room temperature, then the skull, and there was around a 10 degree difference – but then I decided to take it to the ‘next level’ as they say.

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