More History, More Magic

I finally got another letter from William, and it turns out that bizarre skull was from him – and I didn’t get him anything, now I feel bad.

So the skull is part of a ‘counter-spell’ (I never knew such a thing existed) to undo whatever the Azathoth spell did.  That will fix part of our problem, but it won’t fix the original issue; William doesn’t know how to fix that, but he’s sending me a book that my grandfather gave him – a book that should have the answers I need.  All I have to do is decipher it.

The letter has so much more information about my grandfather, I understand so much more now,and  more of the contents of my grandfather’s trunk make sense.  It’s hard to believe he was some kind of ‘monster hunter’ – or I guess what reality TV would call a ‘Paranormal investigator’ today.  It’s shocking to learn that he had this insane secret life, but knowing Grandpa Joe as I did, it does make sense that he would be helping people like this.  I wonder how many others he helped?  I wonder what other terrors he faced, after he had defeated his own demons.

I’ve done my best to transcribe the complete letter from William, below the image.  It is a fascinating tale, and I think it’s important to share.  I’m still considering recording the spell work too – I know William said not to, but if I hadn’t posted the last one, would he have been able to ‘fix’ it?  I don’t know.

Spell page fragment from William

Spell page fragment from William

Greetings Chad,

Apologies for taking so long to reply – I hope the minor charm I sent you in my previous letter has helped keep things somewhat calm, though I fear my delay has caused it’s effectiveness to diminish. I am sorry about that, but it could not be helped.

I do have some good news for you – I have studied the video you posted related to the Azathoth spell, and it isn’t binding or particularly strong – I have found a counter-spell you can use to effectively break the connection created there. The spell involves a sigil and a verbal component, which I have enclosed in this correspondence, and a relic called ‘The Skull of Aiueb Gnshal’ – I located one and had it sent to you via surface mail, it should arrive soon. Be very careful with it, as it is very old and possesses unusual properties – finding another one will not be possible. Also, as a warning – no NOT record this ritual on video, that’s just asking for trouble. Truth be told, Chad – recording any magical workings and posting them to the internet is just not something we do, as a rule.

 Now for the bad news – you knew it was coming. Once the Azathoth binding is revoked, you will be back in the same position you were in before, beholden to Yog Sothoth for the sins of your bloodline. That is a much more difficult situation to deal with, as it was bound to your bloodline almost a century ago with your great-grandfather, and Yog Sothoth is not a being who is easily appeased. Your Grandfather was able to nullify the binding somehow, I know that from conversations with him, but unfortunately I am not sure of the details – I will help as much as I can, however.


A little background now, as I promised you. I met your grandfather in 1965, after he had solved your family’s supernatural problems – or found a way to hold them at bay, at least. We talked about that to some extent, in the course of our discussions, but he never told me exactly how he did it – there was no need at the time, since it had little to do with my situation. You see, in his search for answers your grandfather traveled widely, he read many ancient books, and he learned what most cultures considered dark and forbidden knowledge, all in the quest to rid your bloodline of what he considered it’s curse. In short, he became an expert in dark, arcane knowledge, and once he had resolved his own situation, he used that knowledge to help people. People like me.

 I had a friend, in my youth – a troubled and dangerous friend who led me down many dark paths. While my peers were drinking and smoking and building race cars, Samuel and I were delving into everything from narcotics and absinthe to black magic and grave robbing. I make no excuse, I followed him willingly, but I was a victim of youthful ignorance and that seeming invincibility that comes with it. Samuel and I found an amulet during one of our nocturnal expeditions, something ancient and terrible – we had no idea of it’s true nature, of course, or we never would have taken it.

 Samuel was dead within a month of finding that cursed thing, and the things that happened to me, the things that I saw, they were terrifying beyond description. To my good fortune, your grandfather learned of the amulet – by fate or by chance I still do not know – and he had books and knowledge that enabled him to help me. He saved my life and, more importantly, I am certain that he saved my soul. I was grieved to learn of his death, though I am glad he passed peacefully – I feared that something had… never mind. Suffice to say, I am eternally grateful to him and will do anything I can to help his family now.

 As I said, I do not know exactly how your grandfather solved your beholding initially, but I know the book he found the answer in; I have sent it to you in a separate mailing. It is very old, though the true age is uncertain, and it contains many spells and rituals long forgotten. The spells you need are in there, I am certain, but I’m afraid I can’t give you more details than that. I am sorry.

William Jameson


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