More Night Terrors, Footprints in the Snow.

My life is so different from before all this started… I mean, that should be obvious to anyone who has been following all this from the beginning, but sometimes something will happen that still really shocks me.

I didn’t do my evening ritual again – well, I did half of it, but I didn’t finish it, I don’t even know why.  I just get complacent sometimes, to be honest – I still can’t believe this is all happening, it just doesn’t make sense.  So yes, I didn’t complete the protection ritual last night, and the dreams came, darker and more disturbing than ever.  I can’t make any sense of what I see, these terrifying images I can’t fully remember when I’m shaken to wakefulness, but I know there is a malevolence to them that reaches out beyond the veil of sleep.

I remember the sensation of movement, being pulled or carried through vast gulfs of blackness.  Not just a lack of light, not just a nighttime darkness, but a limitless void darker than can really be explained in normal terms.  I flew through this nothingness and at one point heard a sound, a high, discordant piping that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere all at once.  I remember catching glimpses of places that are surely too terrible to exist in any sane reality, places of gold and onyx and blood, places full of… things.  Things that stared at me with lidless black eyes as I flew.  And I remember the thing that carried me – the same faceless, black-winged horror I had seen before, a night terror that carried me silently through whatever nightmare dreamscape I was trapped in.

Wendy woke me at some point in the night, not because of any noise I was making, but because of a scratching sound she said she was hearing from outside the bedroom window.  I was groggy and still disoriented, and I don’t remember hearing anything, but she swore there was something outside the window.  I didn’t see anything last night, but this morning…

I know what it looks like, clearly, but my mind won’t really let me believe it – it’s too insane.  I keep thinking it’s just a weird bird print or something, a trick of the light on the snow maybe, but clearly there’s something there, some sort of footprints all over our roof, right outside our bedroom window.  I really need to do that banishing spell soon.

And speaking of the spell – I need to find some kind of magical herbs.  Yes – I said magical herbs.  According to William, I  need to find something called Aconite, Wormwood, and dragons’ blood incense.  He was kind enough to note that the dragons’ blood is another herb and that as far as he knew, dragons were not real… anymore, at least.  That’s comforting, at least.

I’m still waiting for the book he said he was sending, but I still need to address my current problem first.  And I need to do it soon.

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

One thought on “More Night Terrors, Footprints in the Snow.

  1. […] give or take.  Previously, on nights when I had neglected to perform this ritual, things went very badly for me, so naturally I was hesitant to try it this time, and even after a few glasses of red wine […]

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