More nighttime problems, possible progress on the spell book

Last night was bad again – I don’t know what triggers it, but the dreams came to me, dark and terrifying.  I remember the soldier again, standing in that terrifying, blasted dreamscape, beckoning to me through the grey smoke and hot winds.  I woke up screaming again, frightening Wendy something awful, and  then we realized all the lights in the house were on – they were definitely off when we went to bed.  We didn’t get much sleep after that, so I was looking through the strange book, ‘Liber Sacramentis Extra Portam’, trying to translate what I could and understand more of what’s in it.

I think I made some progress – I found a section of the book that had several mentions of Yog-Sothoth, talking about a portal of some sort, ‘servitium’, or service/servitude, and something seemingly related to travel, ‘peregrinor’.  I can’t understand it fully yet, but it seems to be what I’ve been looking for…   I think.  I’m starting from scratch here, and a lot of it is hard to understand, but it’s starting to become more clear to me, though the more clear it becomes, the more disturbing it all becomes as well.

I’ve got the initial pieces now, but I’m afraid I’m not not going to make any real progress until I start taking a more… practical approach.  I’m going to start planning a spell around what I’ve found…

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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