Video – kitchen event, bar stools, cold spots.

We were asleep and heard strange sounds coming from downstairs – really strange sounds, not like anything we’ve heard before.  After all that’s happened lately, we barely even wake up for things like creaking floors or slamming doors any more, but this was very different.  I was scared, genuinely scared when I crept downstairs, and what I saw was… bizarre.

The bar stools in the kitchen were stacked vertically and my grandfathers’ cursed book, the Liber Ivonis, was stacked on top of it like some kind of blasphemous pagan idol.  As I approached the scene it was cold – really cold, giving me a shiver.  I grabbed the digital thermometer out of the drawer and checked – the room temperature was around 70 degrees, and the center of the stack was more than ten degrees colder than the surrounding room.  How does that even happen – especially with the heat on full blast in here?

I’ve made more progress with the new spell book, I think I’ve found everything I need, and I’m getting ready to try something.  I don’t know if that’s a good idea or a really terrible idea, but I have to try something.  Before things get worse.

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

One thought on “Video – kitchen event, bar stools, cold spots.

  1. […] thrown into the middle of the kitchen floor, in almost the exact same place it was when we found it on top of the stacked barstools.  It has to have some significance, I just have to figure it […]

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