The Story So Far…

Things have been escalating again – lots of moving objects and shadows, strange sounds, cold spots.  I’ve made more progress with the spell book, but I’m not ready yet – there’s still a lot to figure out, and it’s not like Amazon sells ‘black magic for dummies’ or anything.  They don’t – I checked.

I’ve been going through all my notes, dream journals, and other experiences, and I wanted to put everything in one place, as a record and to see if there are any other connections I can make.

I think it started with my great-grandfather Wilfred Martens during World War I – for my family, anyway.  I have seen evidence of supernatural occurrences going much further back than that, but nothing directly related to my family until World War I.

So according to my elderly aunt and the burned remains of a letter sent from Wilfred to my grandfather Joseph, I believe my great-grandfather’s army platoon was ambushed behind enemy lines in Germany.  He and three other men survived, but found themselves without support or supplies far away from friendly territory.  I believe it was then that they somehow stumbled across…  something.  The details are very fuzzy, and I think that the part of the letter that explains it was what got burned, but I assume they somehow found a way to call upon an ancient being known as ‘Yog-Sothoth’, who is also known as ‘the gate’.  I think they made some kind of deal with this being, because they somehow made it back to England, and it seems like nobody is sure how that happened – it sounds like they just went to sleep in Germany and woke up in England, according to my aunt.

After that event, my great-grandfather and his family were haunted by strange sounds, shadowy figures, and terrifying dreams.  My great-grandfather tried to stop it all in 1945 – I’m unsure how – but he failed, and the attempt may have killed him.  After that, the haunting somehow passed to my grandfather, Joseph – according to my research these things can affect bloodlines – and it was bad enough to drive him crazy – quite literally.  He was committed to a psychiatric hospital in 1951 for ‘vivid hallucinations, paranoia, and possible schizophrenia’, all caused by the hauntings.  I’m beginning to understand what that was all about, to be honest.

Some time around 1961, my grandfather was able to somehow eliminate the effects of Yog-Sothoth, but I’m still trying to figure out how he did that.  Based on information from an online friend and some of my grandfather’s notes, it has something to do with an ancient spellbook and some artifacts that were stolen from Miskatonic University, but I’m still struggling with the details.

And that brings us to present day and the reason I started this blog.  After my grandfather passed away last year, my wife and I have been experiencing paranormal events on a nearly daily basis- they are more intense for me, but there is definitely bleed over for her. I am plagued by terrifying dreams and strange visions, I hear strange buzzing and whispering noises, things in the house move on their own, I see dark shadowy figures…  my life has been turned upside down completely by all this, and I have experienced things that I never imagined were real.  Magic spells, cursed books, ghosts…   There is a world of darkness and horror right outside our doors, and nobody even knows about it.  I wish I didn’t.

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Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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