Something went wrong… Chad needs help

This is Wendy, Chad’s wife – something went wrong tonight. Chad was doing a ritual, from that terrible old book. He said he understood it now, that he could stop the bizarre things that have been going on around here. I didn’t really believe him, I can hardly believe anything that’s been going on around here, but I didn’t think anything could happen. I didn’t think it was real.

He had been down there for a while, maybe a half hour, when I started hearing him crying out, yelling. A banging sound started and I grabbed the camera – Chad doesn’t take the camera down to the rituals after William warned him against it, but he made me promise to grab it if anything weird started happening. There was this smell and horrible noises coming from the basement, and then things started happening – a plate flew across the floor and broke, a chair fell over, CDs started flying across the room. I was terrified, Chad was crying out, and then there was a banging on the basement door and Chad… he was hurt, there was blood all over him and his shirt was torn open. He had three big gashes across his back – not deep, but there was so much blood. He just lay there, breathing heavy but he was unconscious.

I don’t know what to do – the bleeding has stopped, but he’s not waking up. William, or any of you who have helped Chad – what do I do? I can’t call an ambulance, what the hell do I tell them? What the hell happened down there?

One thought on “Something went wrong… Chad needs help

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