Chad woke up, still groggy

Chad spent most of the day yesterday unconscious or asleep, but mumbling and talking incoherently, and sometimes it sounded like he was speaking some other language, maybe Latin?  I’m not sure.  He tossed around a bit, but not as bad as when he has those dreams, and there was no crying out, so I let him sleep – I don’t know if that was right or not?  I’m still not sure what happened.

He’s got three long scratches across his back – they aren’t deep and they stopped bleeding pretty quickly, but where did they come from?

He woke up this morning, a little after 8am. He’s still groggy, but he’s awake and pretty alert, though he’s still unclear about what happened to him.  He was shocked to learn that he’s been asleep for over 30 hours, and that it’s already Monday.  I called him out of work, told them he had the flu, which seemed the right thing to do under the circumstances.  I’ll keep an eye on him today, and hopefully things will start to clarify and he’ll be able to remember something of what happened.  Hopefully.

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