Things getting more clear, but not better.

Things are getting more clear in ways that don’t entirely make sense. I remember things that I have never done, but the memories are clear and defined – I can remember smells, sounds, and sensations that I’ve never experienced, or at least I don’t recall them. Could these be some kind of dream memories, recollections of things I’ve experienced in that blasphemous dreamscape that are somehow merging with my waking world? Or are these memories something else entirely?

Three is still a huge black haze over part of my memories, a door through which I still can’t look, I still don’t want to look. I know I need to, though. I know that there’s something important there, something that I need to understand, before all this can be over. If all this can be over. I’m still not sure.


I’m seeing things again… mostly shadows, things moving on the edges of my vision. I was walking today and saw something in one of the old houses on the East Side, something looking out the window at me, watching me. It was shadowy and featureless, but it stared at me, watching me walk down the sidewalk. I couldn’t hear it, not like before, but I felt it, I could feel it’s gaze on me like a cold chill. Something else, too; I swear I could feel a dark negativity, an almost physical malice coming from the thing… That was new.

About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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