Symbols and Messages

I made a number of friends and acquaintances recently during a stay in a local medical facility, recovering from a long illness of sorts.  Many of these acquaintances were there on a regimen of rest and revitalization, working on overcoming the overwhelming nature of our modern society.  They were nice people, all of them, and we had many a rational and polite conversation about our lives, families, and the challenges of the world around us.  None of these conversations were of any particular interest to me, however – the overall banality of their lives shed little illumination on my own personal questions and concerns.

There were a few I met there, however – long-term residents for whom the traditional treatments had proven ineffective – who had many fascinating things to say on a great number of peculiar topics.  It took me a while to earn the confidence of some of these residents, but after I opened up about some of my own personal experiences, they began to confide in me as well, and the information conveyed was beyond fascinating.   Continue reading