Conversations of the Universe

I was diagnosed with a persistent ringing in the ears; the doctors said it was a common malady,  tinnitus, and nothing to be concerned about.  Many people have the condition to varying degrees, I was told, and it was relatively harmless – one can live quite normally, even.  One can live normally.. as long as you don’t listen to the sounds, the terrible, cursed sounds…

I lay awake in the darkness of midnight and hear what starts as a light hum, barely perceptible in the late night silence.  It grows slowly though though, gaining in volume, changing pitch as I lay there.  Soon, in the darkness, I begin to hear the piping, the mad discordant piping that fills my mind with dread and black thoughts of dark galaxies and dead worlds spinning around dim, burned out stars.

We are nothing, the hum tells me.  My life, each life, is just a brief spark in the infinite void, and the universe feels nothing for us or our passing. I can hear civilizations burning away, see a thousand suns burning out and being born… The limitless gulfs of the universe swallow my thoughts as I lay there, listening to the sounds of galaxies collapsing.


About Chad

Just a normal guy with a lot of very abnormal stuff going on.

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