Night Falls in Providence

The moon is up, I can see it between the buildings as I walk through downtown, Empire Street.  Lots of people out tonight, taking in the summer night.  They just walk along, laughing, smiling, talking on their phones, living their lives.  They can’t see what’s out there, the darkness between the cracks, The moonlight sheds a cold light across the city.

Night falls in Providence

Night falls in Providence

The traps haven’t been working – they’re still moving around sometimes, but I haven’t caught anything, and I haven’t had another ‘incident’ like the other night… I still hear the scratching, and the whispers…  movement behind the walls, under the floors.  It’s worse at night – everything is worse at night.  That’s why I’m out here, walking through the moonlit streets, searching for peace.  Searching for answers.

I know the answers are out there.  I’ve seen them in the books…  heard them in the whispers.  Sometimes I’m just afraid I’ll actually find them.

An incident with a mousetrap…

As the scratching in the walls continues, I’ve been trying to set traps to catch the mice or rats that have invaded my home.  First, I tried those glue traps, the ones that stick to the mice and trap them.  All of those traps disappeared somehow – I have no idea where they went,  I assume mice or rats got stuck to them and dragged them off.  After that I bought some real traps, the metal spring kind.  I set a few with peanut butter as bait – mice love peanut butter right?  I set a few around the areas with the loudest scratching noises, and waited – I was assuming I would catch a few mice, confirm the infestation.   Continue reading

The Scratching Continues…

The scratching behind my walls hasn’t stopped – I hear it all the time now…  It must be mice, but how many are there?  There must be so many, to make so much noise.  I can’t afford an exterminator, and I don’t want strangers in the house anyway.

I bought some of those sticky mouse traps and set them around some of the loudest areas of the house, where the scratching was most prevalent.  I put out two traps the first night and they disappeared without a trace.  I assume the mice got partially stuck on them and dragged them away, but I thought I would have found them by now.  I put out another two and tacked them to the floor, but they’re gone now too.  Today I went out and picked up some ‘real’ traps, the wire kind – they should do the trick.  I’m going to set them all out tonight and hope I catch something…  Mice, I mean – I hope I catch mice.

Pulling out the big guns...

Pulling out the big guns…

They’re in the walls….

When did it start, a week ago?  It seems that way, a week or so I guess.  Scratching.  A constant scratching sound coming from the walls, the floors, everywhere…  It’s constant, I hear it all the time now, scratching… scratching… scratching…  day and night…. scratching….

I’m going to get traps, to see if I can catch it… whatever it is.