Mysteries on the Wind

I was walking downtown, just wandering like I’ve been doing more and more.  So much on my mind, so much going on, things I don’t understand, things I don’t want to understand.

IMG_1969I heard the bells of the church chiming – one of the old churches so common here in Providence.  I looked at my phone and saw it was 5:17 – not time for churchbells.  I listened again and they were ringing, but distant – there was an echo to them, a strange quality like I was hearing them through some kind of distortion…

Sometimes I’m not sure if what I’m seeing and hearing is real or imagined or a combination of both.  They told us, back in group…  told us about reality, about how to tell if the things we see and hear are real or imagined.  The problem is that, some of the things, these things I see and hear… they’re both real and imagined…  I mean, they can’t be real, but I can touch them, or record them, or feel them breathing on me when the darkness in my bedroom is so complete that even the streetlights won’t penetrate it.