Build a Better Mousetrap….

The scratching noises behind the walls and under my floors have been going on for what seems like months.  Traps have not helped – in fact, I believe my traps may have made things worse somehow…  but I am still tormented by these noises, the constant scratch scratch scratch…   I need to do something about it, and I think I have a plan on how to eliminate… whatever it is that torments me.

The traps I have been using are much too small, I know that now after seeing the trap camera video from the other day.  To remedy that, I stopped at the hardware store today and bought a package of the biggest vermin traps they have – this trap is huge, and the spring loaded arm is VERY powerful.

A big trap - drill and pliers for scale

A big trap – drill and pliers for scale

Not content to just have the bigger trap on it’s own, I decided to make a few key modifications.  First, I drilled a hole though the trap, not too close to the edge, so it would be nice and strong and secure…

Drill a hole in the trap

Drill a hole in the trap

With the hole drilled, I ran 300 pound tensile strength paracord through it, so I can secure the trap firmly to a steel column in my basement, not to far from where the trap camera video was recorded.

high strength paracord - 300 pound strength

high strength paracord – 300 pound strength

And that should do it – thistrap is ten times stronger than the smaller ones, it’s much larger, and now it’s tied securely to a steel support column.  Now I just need to bait it and keep watching it… it might be days before something trips it, but I know this time when the trap is sprung, it’s not going to be going anywhere.  Whatever has been tormenting me, whatever that… that thing was on the trap cam video… this is going to get it.  This is definitely going to do it, I just know it is.

I am curious what it could be – it’s probably a rat, that’s been my assumption.  Possibly a bit larger than usual, but I think it’s most likely a rat.  Maybe a squirrel – we do have a lot of squirrels around here, and I’ve seen them under the deck numerous times – maybe there’s a hole under there that leads into the basement?  I haven’t seen one, but… maybe.  I’m probably most frightened that it will be something like a raccoon, like a rabid raccoon… I’d definitely have to call animal control for that.  If I have to call animal control this trap setup I’ve got might be difficult to explain, but I’ve got to do something.  I have to.

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One thought on “Build a Better Mousetrap….

  1. […] haven’t had any action on the new trap – nothing on the cameras and the trap hasn’t moved.  I still hear scratching behind […]

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